What an absolutely awful day – it has rained, and rained and rained some more.  A Scottish summer indeed! We didn’t  do very much this morning, but as we are still on holiday we had to get out of the house.  We packed a picnic and headed down he A1.  Our first stop was St Abbs.  It was dreich.  We parked in the village and ate our picnic in the car and then braved the weather for a walk down to the harbour and roundabout.  It didn’t rain all the time, but  we did get a bit damp.  We would normally have gone for a  longer walk, but not today.  We continued our journey looking for better weather.  Our next stop was Eyemouth.  We parked but didn’t get out of the car, as the rain got even heavier.

We continued on our way.  Our next stop was Duns.  The rain had stopped, so we parked up and went for a  wee wander around the town.  BB refused to join us as he had wet feet.  The sun broke through and it turned into a much more pleasant walk than we had expected.  Our walk ended back at the whisky shop, where TT had to go in for a browse.  He couldn’t leave empty -handed so bought another bottle of whisky as he hadn’t bought enough last week when we were away!

We then headed home for a quiet evening.

I spotted this ghost sign in Duns.  The extra is a dreich day in St Abbs.

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