By Teasel

The Bass Rock

TT was helping at church this morning so was out early.  That left me to get BB out to his volunteering.  He wasn’t keen to get out of bed.  Meanwhile I was attacking the washing mountain.  I managed to get BB out just in time, but he must have had to run all the way there.  I got through four loads of washing.  I also managed to finish my book, The Confession of Frannie Langton, which is a really good read, and have now started a new book – something completely different, How To Stay Alive.
We pottered, TT did some work in the garden, then we decided to get out for a walk as it was such a lovely day.  BB has had enough walking so declined the offer to join us.  We parked at Dirleton and walked to North Berwick along the beach and back along the John Muir Way.  It was glorious.  Another lovely day at the coast.
It was home for tea.  BB wanted fish and chips and was disappointed, yet again, that it was not fish and chips.  However the salmon, prawn and fennel orzo concoction went down well.  I popped out to make up my step count and achieved my target of 25,000 steps every day for the past week.  Some days it was easy and other days it was less easy.  I didn’t set out to have that target, but after three days of high step counts, I decided to keep it up all week.  I had just over 190,000 steps for the week.
Later TT and I watched some more Spiral.
Another day, another beach!

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