By Teasel

Rock Pooling

Last day of our holiday and we had to be out of our apartment by 10am.  I woke up very early and headed out for a last walk by the river, before returning to tidy up and pack up.  TT’s plan was to visit the whisky emporium that is Gordon and MacPhail, so that was our first stop, only to find it was closed and not opening until 1pm. Disaster and disappointment!  He was devastated.  So we wandered along to the book shop where I bought a jigsaw and decided to head to the coast, have our picnic and then come back.  And that is what we did.  We drove to Hopeman and walked in the opposite direction from last Sunday. The weather improved and the sun came out and we had yet another lovely wander on the beach, the boys examined the rock pools and then we took a detour through some pig fields!
We had our picnic by the harbour then drove back to Elgin.  TT was delighted to see the doors open and headed straight for the whisky room.  He was like a kid in a sweetie shop! After much looking he settled on two bottles and a bottle of gin (bonus!).  They had a magnificent selection.  The most expensive bottle I could see was £46,000.  It was behind lock and key!
We then set off back down the road to visit granny and grandad.  It was an easy journey though we went the wrong way in Aberdeen due to the new road not being recognised by our satnav and the poor road signage.  We manged to get back to where we should have been and it took no time to get to our destination.  Granny and Grandad were pleased to see us after so long.  We sat outside, admired Grandad’s garden and then had a most welcome tea.  Poor BB wasn’t too happy about being in the house to eat – even though we sat quite apart from granny and grandad, so he scoffed his food and went back outside.  All too soon we were saying farewell and were off on the last part of our journey home.  We were all weary by the time we got home.  We emptied the car, but that is all we did.  It will be waiting for us in the morning.
Spot the boys – rock pooling at Hopeman.  The extra is admiring grandad’s garden before we ate lots of his tayberries!.

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