By Teasel

Rugby Tackle in the Woods

No pre-breakfast walk this morning, I stayed in bed and read my book.  TT on the other hand had a morning dedicated to  work – interviewing.  This has to be the downside of working from home – even on holiday you are available.  It was a beautiful morning so  BB and I went out to leave TT in peace.
We queued at M&S food shop to get a few things, then had a look around town.  I wanted to go to Johnston’s of Elgin,  which was of no interest to BB, so he headed home with strict instructions to make no noise and not to interrupt TT.  Johnston’s had a sale on and I was tempted by a few things, but I thought about it and decided I didn’t really need anything.  Especially if working from home continues, when  all I need is a pair of leggings and a t-shirt/sweatshirt.  Much as a reduced price cashmere cardigan would be lovely – I just don’t need it. I came away with a  few bits of wool, which I may make into a scarf or gloves.
TT had finished by the time I got back home, so we rustled a picnic together and headed to Grantown-on-Spey.  TT and I spent a weekend there about twenty years ago.  We looked for the BB and for the pub where we had a lock in.  We found the B&B, but not the pub, which looks like it is being converted into flats.
After our picnic lunch and a wander around town, we headed for a walk in the Anagach Wood. – we hardly met anyone.  We came upon two long distance walkers and then a mother and son, who were delighted to meet other human life!
When we eventually got back to Grantown we sent TT to queue for ice cream and drinks before we drove home.  Later we ate up all our leftovers for tea and spent our last night in our holiday apartment.
Here are the boys in the woods, just as BB rugby tackled TT.  No sign of capercaillies (extra). The other extra is an interesting ghost sign - two in fact - for a photographer and a nursery (Christie's Florist and Nurseryman)!

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