By Teasel


My pre-breakfast walk took me around by the cathedral and along a different section of the river this morning.  Our first stop for today was Findhorn.  We got there early so we could find somewhere to park.  We wandered through the village and out along the beach and round the headland and along the pebble beach, spotting the oil rigs in the Cromarty Firth.  The weather was grey, but not cold and slivers of blue sky kept appearing.  There was a suggestion of a breakfast, but then some indecision around it, so it didn’t happen. Instead when we were back in the village we went to the bakery and picked a couple of things up then later, once the sun had come out, we had our picnic overlooking Findhorn Bay, where some kind of sailing competition was taking place.  We couldn’t work out what was happening, but there was plenty of activity.
Our next stop was Brodie Castle.  It was closed, but the grounds were open, so we had a walk around the lake.  Our National Trust guidebook suggested we should also visit a nearby “wee gem” – the Boath Doocot.  We visited it, walked around it and enjoyed the view over to the Black Isle. 
After a supermarket visit, we returned by Pluscarden Abbey, which TT had visited many years ago.  By the time we got home it was drizzling rain.  TT and BB went out for a run before TT cooked tea.
The evening was filled with more Dr Who and more Spiral.
These beach huts are at Findhorn,  Brodie Castle, the Boath Doocot and Pluscarden Abbey feature in the extras.

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