Strawberry tarts - without balsamic vinegar

It was my turn to be a guest of someone else tonight - at Emma's house for our book group. All but Ridgeback13 (who is on holiday) made it, so there were six of us at the table. It was a very jolly evening, somewhat more animated than usual. Perhaps this was because it is the middle of the summer, some of us have recently taken breaks from work, and one of us is about to escape the yoke of the office forever? (That said, a couple of us have some big deadlines on the horizon...)

There were mixed opinions of Our house by Lucy Candlish, with the three of us who have read it in its entirety (myself included) the most enthusiastic. Those who are yet to finish the book can look forward to the brilliant and surprising ending to the story. Should any other blippers like to read along with us, our next book is Under a pole star by Stef Penney, to be discussed at our next meeting on 2nd September.

For supper Emma served us a vegetarian paella followed by these delicious strawberry tarts. The recipe called for balsamic vinegar in the cream, but this didn't work at first attempt. In the end we just had plain cream with the fruit (thanks to Emma's husband's emergency run to the corner shop.)

In other news my cousin TBay has taken Mummy hazelh away for a couple of nights to Holy Island.

Exercise today: 1 hour on the exercise bike, walking to the charity shops after lunch and to Emma's (17,570 steps).

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