By suehutton

More Bubbles Grandad

Inspired by Bubblelicious the other week, I bought some bubble mixture and a large bubble wand.

In today's warm weather, I gave Grandad the task of creating large bubbles. William seemed to enjoy Grandad running around the garden.

Will, Baz and I had a cool walk around Martinshaw Wood at Ratby before driving on to Mummy Meet, where a few more Mummies and their children arrived.

The kids running around in the play area found a hoglet amongst the bark on the ground. Tim put it in a box and phoned a lady from the Hedgehog Rescue Service. The RSPCA didn't want to know.

When the lady arrived, she examined the hoglet and told us that it was both undernourished and dehydrated. She put it in a special carrier to take home where she would give it water and Pedigree Chum in a bid to help it survive. It had two giant ticks on it.
The children named the hoglet Emily, or Rob if it was a boy.

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