A day in the life

By Shelling


I visited an old friend who just built himself an apartment in a very old farmhouse. He's nearly finished and I wanted to see how it goes. It's going to be brilliant. He uses old techniques but adapts them to meet modern standards regarding insulation, bathroom and kitchen equipment. I wish I could live like that.

On the way home I saw an old mill, one of Ölands typical "Stump mills", Stubbmölla in Swedish, built around the stump of a tree. You see it in the extra. Sometimes they built it around a stump with roots and all but in this case, maybe to be able to move the mill, they attached the stump to a "foot". 

Many mills are being renovated, some can even be used to mill and not only for tourists to watch. This one, as you can see needs some work before it will do anything at all. But someone has cleared the grass so you can get close to it. I know I have written about mills earlier in my blips, here, but I couldn't resist this beauty of a mill, not along the normal tourist roads.
It was not possible to open the door, otherwise I would have had more pictures of the machinery inside it. Maybe you'll get to see it another time.

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