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A Rare Picture of Me

A rare photograph of me today as my regular followers know, I tend to avoid being on the receiving end of the camera!
I went to JustGym in Saffron Walden this morning for my one-to-one training session with Michael who is also in the picture. This shows me lifting a two-kilo weight in each hand and raising them to shoulder height. Not much you might think, but it was heavy enough for me; no doubt I will advance to heavier weights once these become easier. As always it was an excellent session and I came home feeling much better. My friends on FaceBook can also see me there, have a look at JustGyms FaceBook page. I have permission to post this picture and it remains the copyright of JustGym.
Other than cooking lunch I have not done very much thi afternoon except sort out some paperwork including trying to change my husband’s dental appointment. Why do they never answer their phone? This is the second time I have had to leave a message; maybe they will return my call this time.
The little fox I saw the other evening visited again today and is the subject of my husband’s picture. It walked very close to the conservatory doors, oblivious to us sitting in the conservatory or Dougal watching through the door with his hackles up.
The temperature at GMT noon was twenty degrees Celsius; it looked like it might rain, but has not done so yet.

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