By LadyFindhorn

St Andrew Square

At least the St Andrew Square Gardens are left untouched by the Festival junketing which is more than be said of nearby George Street which is being transformed into an extravaganza of prefabricated wooden buildings housing fast food and other delights which were being put in place as I passed by.

I managed to find time in my busy pre-holiday schedule to meet up with my Kelso friend who had discovered 2 free coffee and cake tokens for John Lewis and was prepared to take the 2 hour bus journey up to Edinburgh to share them with me. They were only valid until today, so it would have been rude not to help her indulge, and indulge we did. No boring scones today but large slices of delicious lemon meringue pie were the order.

I got home to find a message wondering if friends who were in the area could pop in during the afternoon. We sat out in the sunshine and mulled over the vicissitudes of life for others in God’s waiting room, not us you understand, we are immune. It was lovely to be able to sit outside in the warmth.

Now I must get down to leaving the house in a manner that won’t cause offence to my house sitters.

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