By ArcLight


I thought I would have to blip the gladioli again (they are looking good), because I was worried that none of the photographs I took later were rescuable. But one of them was. Just about. It's of my colleagues mounting the Scottish Feminist Judgments Project exhibition (in the Quad Café throughout August; well worth a moment of your time if you are in the centre of Edinburgh; here's a thought provoking review of the exhibition they held in Glasgow a couple of months ago) sitting underneath some of the exhibits, which are black and white portraits of themselves and their collaborator (from another University). I liked the juxtaposition.

A productive writing day in the office.

My main beef at the moment (apart from ridiculous tourists stepping out in front of the bike....raising my ire) is just how humid it is. I feel sticky and uncomfortable all of the time, even when I'm not particularly hot. I'd really like it to be drier.

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