By Veronica

On n'est pas couché

Exciting day! First, I went to the swimming pool! First time this year ... I've missed it so much. I couldn't swim, but I did get to walk in the water (once the aquarobics class had finished). I felt it was doing me good, but after about 15 minutes I thought I'd better give it a rest as my ankle was starting to ache. I had the company of G and I, and they invited me to come to Lagrasse with them in the early evening to hear a choir they'd seen the previous day and liked so much they were happy to go again.

The choir On N'est Pas Couché from Toulouse is not typical as you can see. They were really excellent. A capella, outdoors, singing by heart, a polyphonic repertoire composed by their director Coco Guimbaud. The show was so well thought out and choreographed, with lots of "business" alongside the singing (extras). Very entertaining. And I loved their outfits. You had to be there really, but here's their rendering of Daddy Cool. I think they'd go down well in our village so I will try and convince the mayor to book them.

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