Wild Wednesday ....

I thought I would do a different type of collage today. 

Since we had four monarch cats assume the J-hook position late last night and then pupate this morning this gave me the opportunity to show the life cycle of a monarch butterfly.

We also have almost all the other stages including a couple of eggs. The only thing I had to go searching for was the adult monarch itself. But luckily one came to visit our milkweed plants in the backyard!  And she laid some more eggs for us! Yay!

I have put the pictures in order of the life cycle .... ending with the beautiful adult monarch butterfly on the zinnias. 

But what would Wild Wednesday be without my usual squirrel picture?!? I have added a picture of a male Eastern gray squirrel as an extra to take care of that issue!

So I guess that just about wraps up July then!

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