By seizetheday

Abstract ironwork

Bookkeeping this morning, oh joy! And two ordeals in the afternoon -

The first was standing on the other side of a lens with MrM, to have a photo taken in the workshop. Much as I enjoy taking photos, standing on the other side of the lens isn't something I'm persuaded to do very often! Our local magazine is running a series of articles on interesting occupations, and it was suggested that they have one on our luthiery business.  I supplied them with some photos of instruments, as requested, but they also insisted on a photo of MrM and me, and sent the photographer round.

The second was a rather unexpected session in the dentist's chair. A couple of days ago, a rogue broad bean(!) broke a large chunk off one of my teeth. At first the dentist thought she would be able to do a simple repair, but after further investigation decided to take out the existing filling and re-do it altogether. A lengthy job, requiring anaesthetic - only half a 'dose', but it was enough to completely numb my bottom jaw and half my tongue for 2h 30min. No hope going for a fish supper after the appointment as we'd planned. So it was plan B - a meal in our local pub, much later in the evening. It was worth waiting for though!

So much going on that I forgot to put the camera in the bag. An emergency blip will have to do - the finials that will go on the curtain poles in the living room, when they are, hopefully, fitted at the weekend!

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