By seizetheday

Blackberry Way

At least it may be, later in the year, if there's enough sunshine. Not much of it today though - cloudy with lots of very heavy showers. But nothing like the rain they've had in the Dales and other parts further south - reports on the news of terrible flooding.

A day of paperwork interspersed with a few little trips out. First to the surgery for my annual hypertension review. The new Practice Nurse knows her stuff when it comes to cholesterol levels and BP, but isn't quite as good at taking blood as her predecessor, if the interesting bruise developing on my arm is anything to go by! After lunch, up to the Cheviot Centre for yoga. Later a walk to the local shops and, finally, the customary trip to the Common with MrM. We spotted two red squirrels this evening, both right at the top of cherry trees, feasting on the fruit. The one in the extra was tiny, probably from one of this year's litters.

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