Gently down the stream

By Miranda1008


Today I went butterfly hunting on a lovely walk to Martyr Worthy.  The butterflies around were painted ladies (quite a few, though maybe not as many as some of you have seen), red admirals, peacocks, whites and small browns (meadow browns, plus gatekeepers).  The buddleia bushes that grow everywhere round here were creating a feeding frenzy.

I chose this shot primarily because I loved the colours in the background.  It felt as much painted as the lady herself ;))  A bit special in large, if you can be bothered..

Oh the news!  I am trying not to get too caught by it, but it's hard not to.  Couldn't we go back to boring times?

Thanks so much to BikerBear, as always, for hosting the FlowerFriday challenge.  And enjoy your Friday evening, all, and have a great weekend  xx

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