Today we were up with the lark at 6.30 when my alarm went, and I was in the shower and out again quickly, because we had arranged for J, podiatrist, to come at 7.30!  How silly is that?

My mother has this same lady and had kept telling me how good she was, so despite having an aversion to anyone touching my feet, I had “bitten the bullet” and called her about three weeks ago.  J told me that she was away on holiday, but would call me at the end of the month, and true to her word, she did.

However, she said she was quite busy, but could fit us in at 7.30 today - she only lives just round the corner so it only took her a minute to get here.

I was very kind and let Mr. HCB go first so as he and J sat in the conservatory, I sat in the lounge - I heard no screams so assumed that all was well and after about 45 minutes, it was my turn.  

I must admit that I sat there in fear and trepidation, because my feet were not good and had been hurting for some time, but J was very gentle and before I knew it, she was creaming my feet and the job was done and I didn't even flinch!

I had explained about Blip to her and mentioned Silly Saturday, so it seemed appropriate today to show a picture of my feet.  Now we have been brave enough to have our feet done, I hope we will be seeing J on a regular basis, so hopefully, having lost weight and having feet that are looking much better, I shall be “walking on air”!

Thank you for all your kind comments, stars and hearts for my blue Salvia yesterday, we had a lovely day with Sue and today we are going to the Museum so that she can see the Embroidery Exhibition and then she and I are going to a crafting afternoon with Clare, one of the “Girls About Town”, who is raising money for MIND, so another full day.

“The human foot is
     a masterpiece of engineering
          and a work of art.”
Leonardo da Vinci

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