By strawhouse


While the rest of us were busy packing up this morning the Little Misses were having fun being loons. There was much squealing and giggling, it was hilarious!!
We'd booked Sunday lunch at The Ship in Highley. It's a couple of miles walk along the beautiful river Severn. Because of snotty hay-fevery kids Mr B drove with them and Mrs L. 
Mr K, my mum, dad and I walked. It was lovely. And bloody boiling. And far!!!
But we got there eventually and had a carvery. They'd run out of beef and run out of cauliflower cheese. This is not acceptable in a carvery situation!! But I had pork with extra crackling which was delicious so it wasn't all bad!
Lazy Mr K got a lift back to the campsite with Mr B, Mrs L, the kids and the dogs (it was a bit snug!!) and my mum, dad and I walked back. We passed a duck colony (I don't know what you call it, a free range duck farm!) at feeding time which was quite a sight to behold. Thousands of ducks quacking and waddling at top speed to get to the food. Brilliant!
Then it was back to Mr K and the crazy Little Misses before finishing the packing up and heading home.
Thankfully the journey home was super quick. 

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