On Some Days

By V1k1

Posts and Rails

Day 4  Diagonals

This afternoon I made a side trip to get my blip before I went to the supermarket.  I found this new area of apples.  The trees are going to be trained along the wires between the posts.  It looks very raw to me but in time the leaves will arrive and the branches will lengthen and cover the bare posts.  I can watch the development and let you know how it goes.  Pleasing to see it is land remaining in horticulture and not going into housing.  
I don't think I have considered the role of diagonals in a composition before.  Beyond the posts is the Waimea Plain and on the horizon the western ranges of the Kahurangi National Park. 
The forester spent most of his day typing out his speech for our friends memorial service.  When he read it out to me there were only a few places where he chokes up.  We will take the ferry north again tomorrow evening.  

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