Life In Wales

By KarenC

The Painted Lady

I've had a rather lazy day today for a change, I've not been able to do any ironing due to having had the injection in my shoulder on Friday - shame!  But it's also meant I couldn't go to the gym or for a swim as I'm not supposed to do anything that could aggravate it for about 5 days.

Alan on the other hand has been busy working in the garden, making a big planter out of left over decking boards.  It'll be painted grey and we'll fill it with the left over white pebbles to match everything else we've done.

I took the boys for separate walks again this afternoon, they really don't like being separated but it does make the walks easier so I think i really do need to persevere with it.

As for my blip, the buddleija has been full of butterflies today, so I grabbed my camera, and this painted lady posed very nicely for me.   

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