By Kipsie

Still life in the old dog

Ella and I had a little bonding sesh this morning over my early  cuppa, not cuddles exactly, but tummy tickles on the sofa, her sofa. Yes she has a sofa, which she looks quite lost on being a Lakeland terrier. It's the only piece of furniture she gets up on, & not so easily these days, but then she is 16 going on 17.
We had our last "stroll" this morning, bit dull & dismal when we set out, we headed down into the grounds of Cockington Country Park ............. People everywhere.  Far too many people for me .. & Ella for that matter. She was having little growls at all the dogs we passed this morning.. LOL!!! No wonder we get along so well. Where did they all come from??? Not a beach day that's for sure. And then it started to drizzle, & me without a jacket, fortunately it did'nt come to much. As we headed back up the hill I got chatting to a lady heading in the same direction about dog breeds, she had owned 2 Border collies, both now gone on, dog temperament etc. It was a pleasant few minutes. By the time we got back the sun was breaking through thank goodness, I'd forgotten I'd got the bedding laundry on the line.
Got all the cuttings etc. packed in the car, box of lavender on the back seat, more cuttings in the boot. More work when I get home .. They will have to live up the allotment once they are potted up, seconds thoughts, pot them up ON the allotment. Easier to transport, & so peaceful up there too. :)  Ella decided to have a go at the brush this morning so that scuppered my attempt to clean through. I'll have to wait until she's dropped off to sleep. I thought "we'd" grown out of that naughty habit but just to keep me on my toes .. NO.

Angelique Kidjou is performing at the Royal Albert Hall, it's being televised by the BBC, as I type. I love her music.

Nicky arrived back just as I was trying to upload the many flower pics I'd taken in her garden. She has some most unusual plants that she's collected of the years. Clunk, clunk ... well, they still had'nt loaded when it was time for me to leave. ARGH!! I reported back on Ella's fitness, which she was amused about. She brought me a beautiful print taken from the Book of Kells, which I can definitely find home for on one of the walls in the house. The detail is incredible. Told Ella I'd see her again in November when Nicky goes of on her travels again, then it was time to head home.

Back now, I will attempt to load the pics one more time.

I spotted this rusty utility cover & cluster of Crataegus berries on the pavement s we headed up the last stretch of our walk this morning, & thought it fitted the bill perfectly.

p.s I'm off to Ikea in the morning so if you don't hear from me again, I have'nt found my way out. :)

Thanks to Marlieske for hosting.

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