Red Apples

An Addenbrookes appointment for my husband this afternoon, so we went into Cambridge before hand, for the usual coffee and cake. We had a short walk, but spent much of the time drinking coffee and watching the world go by.
We were early for his appointment at Addenbrookes so spent time drinking more coffee and reading our books until the appointment time. Once we got to the clinic we discovered that the consultant had been called to theatre for an emergency operation, which had just come in. We could wait for another doctor to appear or we could rebook. My husband decided to rebook as the stand-in doctor was already over an hour and a half late and did not know my husband’s history; rebooking seemed the best way forward.
So a bit of a wasted day really although I did buy a small bag (I know, I do not need another one), but this one will be useful, it is smaller and will be convenient for when I do not need to carry quite so much with me; that is my excuse anyway.
Today’s picture is of some red apples on one of our trees; this is the first time that this tree has produce anything approaching edible. The deer do not appear to have found them yet, so maybe we will get to try them.
The temperature at GMT noon was twenty degrees Celsius; there were a few spots of rain during the morning, but otherwise it was hot and sunny.

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