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Jonty Jarvis - Colas Rail Freight - 37219

A late morning appointment at Addenbrookes for my husband and although he expected to see his normal consultant, he was away “On official business elsewhere”; we did see a different consultant, one we had seen before, so he knew the history.  We then went into Cambridge for lunch, some shopping and of course coffee.

The temperature today at GMT noon was twenty-two degrees Celsius; hot and sunny with a threat of rain at times when the sky clouded over.
I took a lot of pictures in Cambridge, but decided on this picture, taken with my iPhone, of part of a train, which is seems is quite famous and named after a little boy who died of Meningitis. Below is part of his story, taken from virginmoneygiving.

Jonty died of Meningits on 17th March 2005 aged just 6. He was a lovely, happy-go-lucky little boy who liked riding his bike, trains and football. He was fine one evening, and taken by this dreadful disease by the next morning, never regaining consciousness.

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