White Butterfly

I went to the gym this morning and did my workout; today was the only day this week I could fit it in although I will be able to go to the morning “keep fit” class on Friday. The morning was the best and most productive part of the day!
The afternoon was another glorious waste of time. We went to collect our prescriptions. Boots said they did not have any prescriptions for us. I rang the surgery; yes they were printed on 29 July. I left them the surgery to telephone Boots and sort it out. If they cannot be found, the prescriptions have to be printed again by the surgery and then go to the GP for signature. Further delays.
So then we had coffee in Waitrose before going my husband’s dental appointment, we thought for an x-ray. This is a different dentist to the one we are now patients, but our new dentist cannot extract teeth.  An x-ray was not taken, but my husband spent almost an hour with “someone” who discussed his medical history. It seems this other practice has a dental surgeon who visits once a month to extract teeth. However, because of his medical history the surgeon may decide not to do it and he may have to go to Addenbrookes to have them removed. If they do remove them at the dentist, they will do them one at a time with a three-month interval between each extraction.
We arrived home late in the afternoon and so it was a quick dash into the garden for today’s blip, which is a white butterfly on the Buddleja. It was windy, the bees would not stay still and the butterflies were equally difficult. I shall now go and drown myself in a bottle of something white and cold and not an iced latte!
The temperature at GMT noon was twenty-two degrees Celsius; enough rain fell during the afternoon to need an umbrella, but it did not last long; otherwise a sunny day.

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