Two rows of tiny toes

When I posted my yesterblip late last night, Mrs B had been in labour all day, heading off to the hospital with Mr B around teatime. Little Baby B arrived at going up to 3.00am today, 5th August, weighing 7lbs 11 ozs (3.5Kg). Need I say she is absolutely adorable? Well, she is. The other end is even prettier but not for sharing on social media at the request of her very tired mum and dad, who are already showing great parenting skills.

We, too, are tired (though not as exhausted as the parents) as we didn't really sleep till after around 4.00am, once we'd heard that 'the eagle had landed'!

Thank you all for your kind wishes for our bundle of joy's safe arrival.

PS Apologies for the rather blurred quality of this photo, but I think my hands were shaking with excitement. But then I am a granny, you know!

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