Lost in Thought

By steveng

Maximum concentration (MM289)

If you follow my journal you will know I am organising an exhibition for our village camera club.  Part of that involves me in volunteering to print and mount a few images for anyone not able to do their own or put off by the cost of having someone professional do it.

Today I managed to cut six mounts without making any errors!  This is a new experience for me, as previous attempts have usually involved a variety of things going astray.  I have another 18 to do, so plenty of time yet for me to e.g. cut a finger on one of the blades and bleed onto the mount board :-)

My blip is a test print set into the blank which came out from the centre of one of the larger mounts.  It has taken me most of the afternoon to get the six cut, but having done them I can see a few batch production methods being employed for the next set.

Thanks to 60plus for hosting mono Monday.

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