By ArcLight

Orinoco Latin Street Food

These two obviously fancy a bit of Latin Street Food. I can't blame them, although I also cannot vouch for its quality as I've never been in. But it is next door to the bakery where I failed to buy vanilla slices on Thursday. I was loitering on Leith Walk, having made my first ever visit to a chiropodist in Comely Bank (which, bizarrely only takes cash and *cheques* - now there's old school for you...), waiting for Mr A and Arachne. Always good to meet a new blipper, that is, a blipper that's new to you in person, although you've followed her for yonks. I've also followed her jollifications already during this trip to Edinburgh, so I was delighted that we too got to have coffee with her, sitting outside another of my favourite #leithwalkshops (although definitely not as sunny and warm as it was when I blipped it last July).

Elsewhere, I can almost touch the end of Chapter 3. Hopefully tomorrow. And I reminded myself why I don't like the spinning classes at the Council gym. I really must remember in future before I book one. And the only other bit of excitement in our lives is that the people have moved out of the flat that is directly opposite ours in the development (and which is thus a mirror image of ours). We only have to wait a little time before snooping on the internet will tell us how much it was sold for. Mmmm. Property porn.

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