Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

It's a Shocker.

There's a local, well-known/famous, family name of Bowman. Not being a true local, we've only been here since 1978(ish, unchecked) I have NO idea how:-
1. Himself earned the psudonym "Shocker".
2. For how many generations there has been a "Shocker".
I thought "Shocker" deserved to be above the R A C - BUT - I needed a record.
It befell thusly:-
Last night the parking lights were left on for a while. The lass next door warned me - they were still VERY bright, only an hour or two on.
This a.m. - actually unexpectedly, it refused to start. No bother I'm on a hill, & done this before. NO GO - all the way down hill. Favourable traffic let me coast into Safeway's Car Park; it was raining PISSistantly.
Phoned the RAC & went for my intended cuppa somebody else made.
Long story much shortened. This battery, was both the wrong size, dead and out of warranty.
Last recent RAC event was dead alternator and he arrived so fast I didn't get to the head of the coffee queue.
This time I finished the brew in a liesurely manner and toddled back to read Sci Fi until he arrived. Sorted, but decidedly uncheap at a quid short of 160.
NOW I'll have to live until I'm at least 82, for the 5 year warranty to be any use to me.
I've sited the Shocker, not the Sainsbury's.

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