Brian's Bits

By Kanyl

For my use - AGAIN.

When I saw the second leaf; apparently lifting off from the side of the 1st I was mildly gobsmacked, wondering why it hadn't arisen from the centre.
With that in mind I'd expect 3rd leaf to rise in a similar fashion from the 2nd.
THIS is a check/proof on whether I'm right or wrong.
(DAFT aside - why not wright & rong, or right & rong, etc.?)
Extra - en route to my daily cuppa somebody else made I spotted "work in progress."
One huge(ish) tractor & trailer to carry mini-digger, said mini-digger out of sight in garden with, barely, room to turn around, second tractor, with trailer for dug out soil. Again - we shall see.
I wonder if the 646 Town service negotiated the bend successfully?

Onward & upward.

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