By AmandaT2013

Ugly bugs!

An early this start for a long awaited physio assessment of my foot, following the X-Ray and arthritis diagnosis. I was told to start running again as it would help keep the joint moving and build the strength back in my legs.

I had physio with Sue after lunch on my neck and hip (some improvements) and spoke to her, and she said what I expected, no don’t run yet! The hip and neck need to recover more. I trust her advice more!

After a week of no exercise I am now cleared to return to the pool for gentle swimming, a bit of exercise bike and elliptical trainer, as much as the body allows, so I will ease myself back in.

I spotted these on a tree and loved the stages of the ladybird bugs.

I will be very glad when our car comes back from being repaired. I was supposed to have been given an equivalent car, but they gave me a manual SUV! It is huge, the pedal layout is horrible and closing the boot is harder than some of the weights I do in the gym! It is so heavy it is easier with both of us doing it.

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