By hazelh

Zany Edinburgh police box

There are old police boxes scattered around Edinburgh, many of which have been 'decorated'. This one, which is located beside the Pleasance, caught my eye today. If this design is meant to represent an alien, then it is appropriate that Dr Who uses this form of transport.

We continued our four days of Fringe fun today with three shows that comprised 10 acts:

Mervyn Stutter's Pick of the Fringe at the Pleasance Courtyard - a series of tasters from seven acts (see below)
The nights by Henry Naylor at the Gilded Balloon Teviot - theatre
Beakington Town Hall murder by Adam Riches - interactive comedy theatre

The acts at the Pick of the Fringe were:

Josephine - a play about Josephine Baker
The best of West End - songs from musicals (in this case from Spamalot and the Book of Mormon)
Raven - theatre/circus about motherhood
Yuck Circus - all-female physical theatre/acrobatics
Viggo the Viking - comedy mime
Sarah Keyworth - stand-up
Joanne McNally - stand-up

Once again, it was day without a single duff act (although I probably wouldn't choose to watch an hour of the Yuck Circus). The stand-out show for me was Naylor's play.

The other main performance of the day was the weather. I don't remember hearing/seeing so much thunder and lightening in Edinburgh before, and some of the rain showers were truly spectacular. Fortunately our Fringe rucksack contains umbrellas and anoraks.

Exercise today: walking (15,929 steps).

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