By hazelh

McEwan Hall by (Fringe) night

We saw just two shows today:

1. Olga Koch at the Monkey Barrell - stand-up by a computer scientist
2. Henning Wehn at the Queen's Hall - German stand-up

Once again, we were not disappointed. I have adored Henning Wehn ever since I first saw him perform in a tiny Edinburgh pub to an audience of about eight many years ago. Olga Koch was also rather endearing, although I have to say that I spent her whole performance terrified that she would pick on me because we were sitting in the front row. I blipped the illuminated McEwan Hall on our way home after seeing Henning Wehn.

Earlier in the day I caught up on a little (unavoidable) work and dealt with some financial matters for Mummy hazelh.

The most exciting moment of the day, however, came at lunchtime when I was half listening to Radio 4 and heard a woman from Newcastle say "I was employed full-time and living with my mum and my daughter". "Oh", I said to Mr hazelh "Just like Cousin Simon's wife Louise. Hang on, that is his wife Louise!" A couple minutes later Simon's voice was broadcast too, joining in the conversation about house prices. If you're interested in what they had to say, you can listen again to today's You and yours from 14 minutes and 9 seconds into the programme. (Simon is the cousin wearing the blue blazer in my blip for 19th May 2019, with Louise in the black jacket.)

Exercise today: walking (13,646 steps).

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