Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

A summer garden

I think Xena is finally progressing with her night time routine - she went into her crate at about 10.30pm and we had no crying until she woke up for a wee at 1am, and then returned to sleep in her crate until Gavin woke her at 6.30am - and after another wee slept further until 8.30am! Finally we had a better night's sleep! Maybe we are getting somewhere with this crate training and sleep routine. We gave up sleeping next to her crate - we now have a baby monitor in our bedroom so we can hear her when she wakes up, it works better this way for us.

I went out to get groceries today while Luke played in the garden with her. Then after lunch a friend visited to see Xena (and me!)  and after she left my neighbour popped in to see how Xena is growing and brought her some healthy treats. The day seems to have flown past - I also managed to get through a pile of ironing, which also involved trying to stop Xena from tugging at the sleeve of the shirt that was hanging down off the ironing board! Ironing took twice as long today!

Gavin did not have such a great start to his morning. On leaving home this morning, he put his phone on the roof of his car and then came back inside to get something he had forgotten. He then returned to his car and drove off...yes you guessed it, his phone was still on the roof of his car. When he got to his meeting he could not find his phone, so he checked where it was on his iPad using Find my Phone - and there it was, lying on the side of the A3. He drove all the way back down the A3, managed to stop and found his phone, and although the screen is smashed, it  miraculously still works! 

Adam is now in Costa Rica and having fun - they are also having some surfing lessons there. 

Tonight I am going to our book club dinner, while Luke and Gavin babysit Xena! I am looking forward to it.

An extra photo of Xena - her legs are getting longer, and she looks less like a dachshund now, ha ha! Talk about being spoilt, she even has her own Instagram account now...xena_the_hungarian_vizsla

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