Above And Beyond...

By BobsBlips

Brick Wall

We have my sisters dog for the week as she's gone abroad. A dilemma for her now that my mum has taken a turn for the worse. I saw this brick wall in a field near our house belonging to The Old Mill, Machen  (south Wales, UK) as we walked her dog. It sort of sums up family matters at the moment - a brick wall in the way!

I was at the hospital until the early hours, and popping back and forth, so comments a bit limited. Sorry.

Wide Wednesday Challenge

The theme this week was 'weather' and there were loads of entries to look at, which I enjoyed. I've chosen my ten. I hope you agree with most!

1.   YouOregon1                                    Braga, Portugal
2.   Stevvi                                                Canvey Island Clouds
3.   Bandparent                                      Monsoon
4.   Weamo                                             Dark Clouds
5.   Jeano                                                Bray Beach
6.   Cassiesmum                                    Brentnor Church
7.   Carol_Dunham                                 rain on patio
8.   60plus                                                rainy car bonnet
9.   Ninniex                                              Stormy Clouds
10  CaliforniaGirl                                    Overcast Beach

All to be awarded hearts asap.  Thanks for tagging your entries - see you next week!

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