A time for everything

By turnx3

Bellagio, Lake Como

This morning we were moving on to the Italian Lakes. We took the train to Como, then ferry to Bellagio. Lake Como is shaped like an inverted Y, and Bellagio is located at the central point where the lake splits. Lake Como is the third-largest lake in Italy, after Lake Garda and Lake Maggiore, and at over 1,300 feet deep, it is one of the deepest lakes in Europe. The ferry puts in at many of the resorts along the lake, giving you a lovely leisurely view from the water. The scenery is quite glorious, colourful, picturesque villages, backed by forested mountains. Our hotel in Bellagio, was quite close to the ferry terminal, but up a cobbled, stepped alley, which we had to carry our cases up. It was a lovely hotel, and our rooms were lovely. We picked up a couple of leaflets at reception, with some suggested walks, so we set off to do one of them, which took you up through the town, then round some of the outlying areas of Bellagio. My main blip is a collage of scenes from this walk. I have put in a collage of scenes from the ferry journey as an extra. In the evening we enjoyed a pre-dinner drink on the rooftop terrace of our hotel’s sister hotel, on the lakefront, watching the sun set behind the mountains across the lake, and then had a wonderful dinner at their restaurant, sitting on the balcony. A wonderful way to end the day! I have added an extra of me enjoying my prosecco on the rooftop terrace!

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