Newcastle Downunder

By jensphotos

One of those days

I knew it was going to be one of those days when I woke up to dog vomit over the end the bed, dripping down the side and pooling on the carpet.  I was grateful for the hoolie that was blowing today as 6 loads of washing later, the mattress protector, woollen underlay, sheets and covers are all dry and back on the bed this evening.  THere was some unnecessary stomping on the underlay in a tepid bath as I couldn't fit it in the washing machine.  After a bit of stomping I realised that the mattress protector was with it too, separated, they both fitted in the washing machine which did a much better job than my stomping.

Most of that was done before 8.30 when I left to go to a meeting at my Aunt's nursing home.  She has been really unwell with the flu and now she is better she has become very feisty and wants to leave.  The meeting was to discuss some very poor treatment she received while she was so sick and a complaint that had been made on her behalf by a friend.  The rest of the morning was spent there and I didn't make it in to work today at all.  This was the only shot I took, which rather amused me, of all the walkers lined up outside the chapel while the owners were in the dining room having lunch.  I love that they are all individualised and have touches of their owners on them.  Did you know it was St Mary McKillops feast day yesterday.  I bet you didn't.  Well happy weekend blipmates.  I am having an early night tonight so will catch you up over the weekend.  Another busy one for me and the hounds I might add.

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