This morning Jan and I drove down to the airport to pick Kjell up, who is visiting us this weekend. We've been friends since the mid-eighties but these days we all blip too, so I'm tagging it a blipmeet, as well as an old friends meet!
This beach (see extra) marks the edge of the Indal River delta. It is very close to the airport, 3 minutes driving and 15 minutes walking away, but you'd never know it once you are here, listening to the water lapping up onto the shore. (Except when one of the planes lands or takes off, flying low overhead.)
When we have visitors arriving we often bring them here, as they've been sitting in planes or airports for hours and like stretching their legs before sitting another 45 minutes in the car.
I blipped this delta from the air in 2014. We are sitting at the end of the long beach, next to the twin outlets in the centre of the image.
The three of us spent a lot of time paddling our kayaks together many years ago, so this is a suitable watery spot to take a picture, even if no kayaks are involved today.

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