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By Diane2104

Restaurant Next Door


Saturday was an even bigger washout than Friday here. There was a LOT of rain during the day and winds of around 40mph, so we did not venture out until the evening. Instead we spent the whole day doing chores and admin and planning our next few holidays.

I've not had time for blip the past few days, so have backblipped them now, and will try and catch up with commenting again later in the day. 
In the evening we were out with my parents. We share our wedding anniversaries with them being 28 years ahead of us and this year they have been married exactly twice as long as us!
We tried a restaurant in Frodsham which we had not been to before called Restaurant Next Door on account of the owners living next door! It wasn’t cheap but the food and service was excellent. I would definitely recommend it for a special occasion.

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