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Water Everywhere

A double dog walk this morning - Finlay first and then the two visitors (Fudge and Buzz). That takes over an hour and a half!

Then finished off the fabric job list that Mrs madwill left for me to do whilst she is away - she is currently heading back up the A1 - but appears to be stationary in a jam!

Popped to Tadcaster to get something for tea - and the river levels were high, so after shopping I walked along the banks of the Wharfe. The main view is of the main road bridge (this is the one that partially collapsed a few years ago). Looking the other way towards the viaduct I could see that the weir had disappeared under the surface (first extra).

Then I called in at Boston Spa to find a stranded tree trunk caught in the weir, which had almost completely submerged (second extra)

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