Abandoned -Orkney Day 11

The all pervading mist of yesterday had certainly disappeared this morning, to be replaced with a wintry feel requiring a scarf and hat for me, not that daughter#2 seemed particularly affected by the 12°temperature.

There was a slow start to the day, allowing Jane to recover from what seems like a raucous post County Agricultural Show Party at her friend’s house.
Julia’s, of course, featured in breakfast for her and a puritanical coffee for me before we hit the ‘toon’, ie. Kirkwall. She was looking for guilt trip presents for her husband and my grandchildren given that she had abandoned them at home while she came north to keep me company. This proved to be a bit problematic, but at least she was 4 up and 1 to go at the last count.

We managed to fool the other tourists clogging the tables at the cafés that were open, by having soup and sandwiches at the garden centre which is slightly off the beaten track, before she drove me back to Stromness and she made her way to the airport.

She is already home in Edinburgh and I know she enjoyed her weekend escape to Orkney as much as I did.

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