Oops! Stromness day12

Now that daughter#2 has returned to the big smoke after 2 days here of all pervading mist, the weather took a return to summer after admittedly a dodgy start. The sun shone from a blue sky , the water in the lochs coruscated in the sunshine and there was absolutely no wind; not often does this happen when I am in residence here.

I discovered today that, a pecan scone straight out of the oven surpasses a scone of Peebles fame, I have exchanged the hordes of tourists in Edinburgh for the thousands of tourists coming ashore from huge cruise liners here, it was lovey to meet and walk with a fellow blipper EllyJay who lives nearby and that it is nice to sit in the sun in the garden overlooking Hamnavoe and watch the comings and goings of ferries and yachts.

Having come home at lunch time to find a card with EllyJay’s address on it, I went in search of her and found the house on the route of my favourite walk. After a ramble round the Ness, I had tea with her and Monty the parrot, as you do!
A good day.

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