By AnneILM60


Yesterday ended up being a very pleasant although sad day.

Bonnie’s funeral was beautiful and it was wonderful to see all her posterity from all over the country and world their.

I loved being able to hug her too daughters. Marie, who has had her own major life battle with cancer, and lives a life that takes her all over the world. She goes and does her job as a wife, mother, grandmother and part of the community with the example her mother taught.

Julie, who has become wife, mother & grandmother. I remember being one of her church teachers. Where has the time gone.

After the service, several of us were together talking for the first time as a group in 30 years! As young single adults we had hung together and then life had taken several to other cities. In many ways we had changed but in many ways we hadn’t. Jimmy, Tammy, Jason & I had spent many times together. We were just missing Mike.

I got an email from Honeycombebeach and the timing was just right. Helped me feel better.

One of the speakers at Bonnie’s funeral spoke of how close her family was but that her wish was for it to be even closer. That “hit” Kent and although it will make things tight, when we got home, he made the arrangements for us to see the grandkids in Utah after Christmas.

Today was church with a great women’s lesson by Megan Doubrava. Megan does such a wonderful job making her lessons real and full of life. I so love attending her classes.

We had FaceTime with the grandkids in the afternoon and I had a nap!

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