By strawhouse

Junior Writer

It was Miss E's Awards Ceremony this afternoon. I had to hotfoot it from work 45 minutes away and got there just in the nick of time to meet my mum and dad outside the hall, grab a Pimms, a couple of cakes and a scone and head in.
There was lots of singing and awards to the ridiculously cute little ones, then we got down to the business end. The Year 6 awards.
I know they can't all get one but I was so hoping Miss E would get something.
She was hopeful for science and maths. Nope.
The awards came and went and I started to lose hope and feel so disappointed for Miss E.
Right at the end came the Junior Writer's Award. The teacher giving it out made a little speech about all the qualities of the recipient - fingers crossed - and how she was sure she would read the winner's novels in the future - fingers crossed - and the award this year goes to.......
Miss E!!!!!!! Whoop whoop!!!!!!!!!!
She looked so proud of herself and so so happy!!!!!
She is always writing stories and fantastic poems. And starting murder-mystery books!
It's so important to her, and to have it be the thing she was recognised for was fabulous.
Much better than being the best at geography!!!!!!
She couldn't take her eyes ooff her trophy (or tray as I kept mistakenly calling it!!!!!) Her name is engraved on it and I think it's become her most treasured possession.
I asked her to pull her Award Winning Author's Face for the photo. I think she pulled it off!!
It was pyjama day at Miss L's school today. See extras for her colourful outfit! It was roasting today so she was relieved she wore this and not the fluffy onesies some of the others wore!

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