By strawhouse

Last Day

Today was an emotional day. Miss E's last day at primary school.
It seems like no time at all since her first day - September 3rd 2012 
Reading that Blip does make me laugh - her first day at school and we hadn't washed her hair, written her name in anything or filled out her questionnaire which we'd had all Summer to do!
Things don't change!!
I remember being shocked by the realisation that we had to do this every day. 
Only it wasn't forever. It went by in a flash.
The school she was at failed her in Year 3 and we moved her to another school. It was the best thing we could have done.
Her school has been fabulous for her. Nurturing, encouraging, challenging, creative and empowering. She's been so happy.
Which made today completely heartbreaking.
I had to take deep breaths dropping her off this morning and not dwell on the fact it was the last time I'd ever do it. I'm so bad with lasts.
Luckily we carried on to Miss L's school for Fiesta Friday where we go upstairs and look at their work in the classroom. It's always a joy to look at Miss L's books - her idiosyncratic spelling, wonderful drawings, fabulous creative writing and particularly lurid descriptions of Mummification!!
I had a couple of hours getting things ready for the car boot tomorrow before it was time to go and get Miss E at Noon.
Deep breaths.
I got there early and sat in the car drinking my tea and listening to the tennis. Then I had to get out!
I was OK chatting to some other mums - a couple whose girls are going to the same school as Miss E next year, and I was OK looking around at the beautiful school buildings and grounds. Sad but OK.
Then the girls finally came out with their teachers and Miss E was crying her eyes out and looking completely heartbroken. She was hugging her friends and being hugged. 
It makes me cry now thinking about it and it made me cry then!!
She sobbed when I hugged her and couldn't speak. I was trying to be brave and not lose it completely myself but not succeeding very well.
It was hard to leave. 
It's a special place, like a little cocoon. And as exciting as next year is, and how certain I am she'll love it and thrive, it's so sad to say goodbye.
I've just read the Blip of her last day at nursery - only three days before her first day at school and I remember the tears pouring down my face as I write it. 
Like they are now.
It'll be fine. I know it will. I just cant stand endings!!
But there's joy too - the fact that she's been at a school she loves and has friends she's upset to leave confirms we made the right decision moving her. She left her old school with barely a backward glance. 
We'd arranged to have lunch with Miss J and her mum in the pub in their village. Miss J and Miss E are sharing a locker next year!!
It was really lovely! Sitting out in the gorgeous pub garden, chatting and eating a yummy steak and blue cheese sandwich. With shandy!
Pizza and garlic bread for the girls. Because you cant eat too many carbs!!
We went back to theirs for a bit more chatting and a coffee in the garden. Xbox and gerbil petting for Miss E and Miss J.
Then it was time to go and get Miss L. 
The rest of the afternoon and evening was a bit of a blur. Everything feels a bit out of kilter, like we're in limbo. 
Fifty games of Frustration with Miss L didn't help my mood!!!!
But watching the fifteen year old Coco Gauff win her epic match at Wimbledon did. Fab-u-lous!!!

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