Nicky and her Nikon

By NickyR

Harvest time

This weekend I was despairing as I keep having to take Xena outside to do her business, and she does not seem to realise the connection that the door leads to outside where she can go by herself. But then this morning, alleluia, she whined and went to the door which I opened, and she went out and had a wee by herself - and then did this three more times - yesss, progress! 

Adam has been very good at sending us Whatsapps keeping us up to date about his holiday - he is currently still in Costa Rica. However, imagine my shock when I got a video from him as he was sky diving from a plane - he obviously only sent it once he was back on terra firma because if he told me he was going sky diving before he actually went, he knew how I would have freaked out! He certainly is having a great time and he loved every minute of the sky diving.

Xena is currently only allowed in our kitchen / family room area, which all has tiled floors. So last night when she was a bit sleepy at the end of the day I decided to treat her by inviting her into the TV room, which has a deep pile carpet. I thought she would just lie there while I was watching TV. What was I thinking, she went absolutely batshit crazy, zooming around the room and diving under the coffee table, running rings around the room - I think she just loved the feel of the carpet. I eventually had to remove her from the room as she was so hyped up and getting all bitey and chewey, but then later when she was calmer she did come back and fell asleep next to me. 

When I went to get groceries this morning I noticed the farmer was harvesting his field of barley across the river, and I thought it made a good scene.

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