on the morning beach

Lovely swim this morning. After so hot days and nights I actually felt a bit chilly after swimming this morning. Lovely feeling!

The wind is blowing stronger from the sea and we were supposed to get thunder tonight, but apparently they are arriving later and we have RAIN and STORM warning for tomorrow starting at midnight to noon.

Hopefully I don't have to wake up tonight to watch the storm. I've been getting up to pee (drinking all day every day)  so many times a night or I've been getting up to get the aircon on cooler or warmer. You'd think you could just adjust the bloody thing on one temperature and you could sleep the night away nicely, but no. 29°C wakes me up freezing at some point and 30°C (cooling mode still) is just not enough for the whole night, so it's a constant waking up and adjusting. To wake up for the storm I don't need to add on my list. I'm exhausted from lack of sleep as it is.

It's still hot. We're bit over 30°C in max temperatures. But during nights it cools own to 24 -25°C. And amazingly that does feel cool.

But it would be nice to get some decent amounts of water. Hopefully not all so muddy.

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