By HeidiHH


All these clouds and no rain for us.

About 40km from us they got over 30mm and flooded streets. We - nada!
Then again we also missed all the mud so that is okay.

It's been nice and cooler day today. Stormy winds coming from the sea. Beaches were red flagged again. Anyway, it's been a cooler day (in the shade enjoying the breeze) and I start thinking that perhaps the worst is over for this summer and we finally have nice temperatures. And then I read the update from Alicante University's meteorological department telling us that the 5th heatwave is arriving for the weekend. They told everyone to enjoy the breeze as the temps will be soaring up to 40's once again.

So, we took a walk to the Clot to see the bird ponds during the hot hours of the afternoon. I haven't been there for ages. It's kind of a hot valley even during the winter, so around summer it's a hot sauna. But the breeze was blowing nicely so we checked all the ponds. 2 out of 3 were growing so high and dense reed that one could only see reed. The third one was on better condition and there were plenty of ducks. During the afternoon they were just chilling calmly so we walked back home.

So we tried to enjoy the rare breeze.

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