By HeidiHH

New reality day 16

Guest room is finished. Floor was finished yesterday. Out 5th finished room. Well, it's still missing a bathroom door as I painted it. And it takes 16 hours to dry. So it's still drying. And it's much better now.

Today we took off all the doors that I felt were too much. We took off 5 doors in total.

Our last room needs some, how should I put it, better planning and some try outs. We have an idea that we have never done, so...

We also took apart the silly cupboards in the vestibule. They were too small for anything and took a lot of space. "We" (my husband) assembled the new furniture and we tried how it will fit, but first I will need to paint the wall.

Now Sauna time. It's been another 7 - 21 renovation day for me.

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