By Bella888

Stop the World, I want to get off

Been a mad flurry. Everything comes together. Been pretty non-stop for last few days.

Thought I had a day-off until tomorrow. Mistake. Get call from friend at 08:30 this morning. “Had I remembered she was coming round at 9:30 for a walk and coffee???”  She said I had confirmed back to her at the time, But had had just noticed I had put the wrong day (Wednesday).

OMG. No problem. Quick shower/dress and was ready for 09:30. Bus to and walked round Westbourne (indie) shops for a couple of hours,  including coffee at Coffee Saloon.  Good to see the newish ‘bulk shop’ was very busy (sells various eco friendly/eco products - and bring your own containers for pulse, flour, nuts etc.)  Then back by bus at 12:30 as friend working p.m.

As we got off the bus, we encounter Ella. The pretty parrot in my blip (‘an umbrella cockatoo’). 7 years old. Belonged to a friendly Irish couple who said they had parked their caravan at the Pavilion (travellers??). Had a long chat about the parrot, stroked it (they’d hand reared her as a baby).  Then Ella fluffed up her crest just as I blipped her for TINY TUESDAY - thanks for the challenge Nickimags888.  Then we bid our farewells.

Now home for a few minutes to upload my blip, a sandwich and juice, a walk with Mr B (never went, heavy rain for a while) - then shall put my feet up, catch up with 2 ½ hrs of Corrie :( and desperately attempt to catch with all your lovely stars and comments.

Friend just reminded me the parrot is an “umbrella cockatoo”. Could do with one now as the heavens have opened!

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