Anne's Daily Encounters

By dutchdelight

Stone bed once more

The kid from Flanders enjoying his last hours on Crete for this year as he's due to get his homeflight this eve.
Spotting him here and seeing him move a bit I asked if I could picture him lying there on that stony bed and under the red taurus with a modern Europe on its back... Yes ofcourse! and he likes the blip made too with that graffite / painting on the wall (I'll forward it to him).

A kid from Flanders ?! So he speaks Flemish and me Dutch and we chatted for an hour about Crete and Greece and his studies back home in Belgium and his encounters here... he shouldn't have spoken his critisism on Holy Mary earlier in his holidays... he was badly beaten up for that. Nonetheless Crete has stolen his heart too :-)
His studies are Ancient Arts and. call him back home now; so his time of camping rough on Crete and Gavdos end here on this stone bed.

Thank you all lots and lots for leaving reactions & stars! At the moment occasionally I manage to look into your journals and put up my stars and when time words too. 

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